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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
005 abstractClass Class that cannot be directly instantiated 2012-07-04
006 aggregateClass Class that is composed of classes it is connected to by an aggregate relationship 2012-07-04
015 association Semantic relationship between two classes that involves connections among their instances 2012-07-04
013 characterString Free text field 2012-07-04
001 class Descriptor of a set of objects that share the same attributes, operations, methods, relationships, and behavior 2012-07-04
002 codelist Flexible enumeration useful for expressing a long list of values, can be extended 2012-07-04
004 codelistElement Permissible value for a codelist or enumeration 2012-07-04
008 datatypeClass Class with few or no operations whose primary purpose is to hold the abstract state of another class for transmittal, storage, encoding or persistent storage 2012-07-04
003 enumeration Data type whose instances form a list of named literal values, not extendable 2012-07-04
014 integer Numerical field 2012-07-04
009 interfaceClass Named set of operations that characterize the behavior of an element 2012-07-04
011 metaClass Class whose instances are classes 2012-07-04
007 specifiedClass Subclass that may be substituted for its superclass 2012-07-04
012 typeClass Class used for specification of a domain of instances (objects), together with the operations applicable to the objects. A type may have attributes and associations 2012-07-04
010 unionClass Class describing a selection of one of the specified types 2012-07-04