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DescriptionType of aggregation activity in which datasets are related
CreatorInternational Organization for Standardization
Version Info1
Identifier G07
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner International Organization for Standardization
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
001 campaign Series of organized planned actions 2012-07-04
002 collection Accumulation of datasets assembled for a specific purpose 2012-07-04
003 exercise Specific performance of a function or group of functions 2012-07-04
004 experiment Process designed to find if something is effective or valid 2012-07-04
005 investigation Search or systematic inquiry 2012-07-04
006 mission Specific operation of a data collection system 2012-07-04
008 operation Action that is part of a series of actions 2012-07-04
009 platform Vehicle or other support base that holds a sensor 2012-07-04
010 process Method of doing something involving a number of steps 2012-07-04
011 program Specific planned activity 2012-07-04
012 project Organized undertaking, research, or development 2012-07-04
007 sensor Device or piece of equipment which detects or records 2012-07-04
013 study Examination or investigation 2012-07-04
014 task Piece of work 2012-07-04
015 trial Process of testing to discover or demonstrate something 2012-07-04