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SeaVoX Sampling and Observation Platform Event Processes

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
pro6 Calibration Comparison of measurement values delivered by a device under test with a calibration standard. 2022-12-14
pro20 Cruise Determined period of ship time between two harbours on a specific vessel during which one or more scientific research programmes are performed. The vessel can port the same or additional harbours during this period. 2022-12-14
pro17 Demobilisation To leave and unload a vessel. 2022-12-14
pro22 Deployment The deployment of equipment (e.g. mooring, benthic lander, AUVs, gliders, etc.). 2022-12-14
pro7 Initialisation Bringing a device from a passive state into a working state. 2022-12-14
pro21 Leg A period of operation of a platform from port to port which may or may not hold scientific activities. 2022-12-14
pro4 Malfunction General failure of a device to function normally for a period of time. 2022-12-14
pro16 Mobilisation To board and load the vessel. 2022-12-14
pro8 Observation Visual sighting of a natural phenomenon (e.g. marine mammals, birds or weather observation). 2022-12-14
pro13 Profile Measurements along a vertical line. 2022-12-14
pro2 Recording Capturing data on a storage medium. 2022-12-14
pro23 Recovery The recovery of equipment. 2022-12-14
pro18 Repositioning Adjusting the position of a platform that have deviated from its desired location. 2022-12-14
pro1 Sample collection Collection of a physical sample from a matrix (water, sediment, air, biological, etc). 2022-12-14
pro3 Station Platform at planned position for measurements and/or sample collection. 2022-12-14
pro11 Transect Measurements along a trajectory. 2022-12-14