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SeaVoX Sampling and Observation Platform Event Actions

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
act23 Abort The operation is aborted for some reason. 2022-12-16
act15 Ascend The equipment starts its rising through a medium. 2022-12-16
act13 AtDepth Equipment reached the required depth. 2022-12-16
act8 AtMaxDepth The equipment has reached its maximum depth in medium. 2022-11-27
act31 Close A sampler is closed (plankton net, water sampling bottle, sediment trap). 2022-12-16
act14 Descend Equipment starts its descent through a medium. 2022-12-16
act2 End Ending of an activity (procedure, operation, process). 2022-11-27
act11 Failure Equipment failed during the operation due to malfunction. 2022-12-16
act16 InWater Equipment enters the water. 2022-12-16
act26 Located Equipment is located (by acoustic detection or visual observation). 2022-12-16
act12 Lost Equipment is lost while being deployed. 2022-12-16
act30 OffBottom Equipment leaves the seabed. 2022-12-16
act28 OnBoard Equipment back on the platform after deployment. 2022-12-16
act7 OnBottom The equipment has reached the bed. Terms applies to e.g. a benthic sampler or the anchor of a mooring line. 2022-11-27
act32 Open A sampler is opened (plankton or fishing net). 2022-12-16
act29 OutWater Equipment is taken out of the water. 2022-12-16
act3 Pause The activity is interrupted with intention to resume. 2022-11-27
act25 Released Equipment is released. 2022-12-16
act4 Resume The activity restarts after a pause. 2022-11-27
act10 Setup The equipment is prepared for deployment e.g. installation of sensors prior to actual measurements. 2022-12-16
act27 Sighted Visual observation of an uncontrolled phenomenon. 2022-12-16
act1 Start Beginning of an activity (procedure, operation, process). 2022-11-27