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DCAT Themes for Linked Data Representation of the SeaDataNet EDMED Catalogue

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
D0100005 INSPIRE Themes Spatial data themes according to Annex I, II and III of the European Commission INSPIRE Directive for Spatial Data Infrastructure. 2017-11-10
D0100004 ISO Category Codes Data themes defined by ISO and used to populate the mandatory ISO19115 topic category field. 2017-11-10
D0100002 Instruments Distinct sampling or measuring devices that may be identified in the real world in terms of manufacturer and model number. 2017-11-10
D0100001 Parameters Measurement phenomena for use in dataset discovery metadata. 2017-11-10
D0100003 Sea Areas Coherent geographic and/or geospatial regions of the hydrosphere. 2017-11-10