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SeaDataNet contact and security access roles

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DescriptionSeaDataNet terms to describe roles associated with access rights to data, metadata and project information or the responsibilities for a contact within an activity, project or dataset.
Version Info5
Identifier C86
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner SeaDataNet
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
SDNR03 Academic A user who accesses data on the SeaDataNet network for purposes of education or bona fide non-profit academic research. 2007-04-17
SDNR01 Administrator A user who is able to bypass any access control created by SeaDataNet but with no bypass rights for local access controls. 2007-02-16
SDNR04 Commercial A user who accesses data on the SeaDataNet network with the objective of making a financial profit from its use. 2007-04-17
SDNR08 Cruise Summary Report contributor An individual outside SeaDataNet granted rights to create and (with owenership rights) maintain records in the SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Report repository. 2007-02-16
SDNPR005 contact point Person responsible for the provision of information in response to queries concerning the metadata or underlying data. 2011-01-13
SDNPR007 contributing funder Person or organisation that contributes to the funding of an activity. 2011-01-13
SDNPR001 metadata collator Responsible for the compilation of metadata for one or more datasets and submission of that metadata to the appropriate SeaDataNet metadata repository. 2006-08-18
SDNR05 national and local government A user who accesses data on the SeaDataNet network for administrative or legislative purposes within the boundaries of a nation. 2007-04-17
SDNR06 pan-national government A user who accesses data on the SeaDataNet network for international administrative or legislative purposes. Generally, but not exclusively, the European Union in the SeaDataNet context 2007-04-17
SDNR07 partner A person employed by an organisation participating in SeaDataNet. This gives the right to access, create and (with ownership rights) maintain project documents and metadatabase entries. 2007-02-16
SDNPR006 principal funder Person or organisation that funds the majority of an activity. 2011-01-13
SDNPR008 principal investigator Scientific lead of data collection within a programme 2011-01-19
SDNPR003 programme archive responsibility Responsible for the archive centre handling distribution of delayed mode data from a collecting programme and the long term stewardship of its data. 2006-08-18
SDNPR002 programme operation responsibility Responsible for the operation of a data collecting programme. 2006-08-18
SDNPR004 programme realtime responsibility Responsible for the centre handling distribution of true and near real time data from a collecting programme. 2006-08-18
SDNR02 public Any authenticated individual with sufficient credentials to satisfy SeaDataNet access logging requirements. 2007-02-16