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SeaDataNet Cruise Summary Report data categories

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ID Preferred Label Definition Date
R02 Above surface photography Shipboard activity identifying the capture of still and moving images above the water surface using any kind of photographic equipment. 2022-09-26
B28 Acoustic reflection on marine organisms. 2011-12-08
H27 Alkalinity 2011-12-08
H76 Ammonia 2011-12-08
M71 Atmospheric chemistry 2011-12-08
H13 Bathythermograph 1992-07-01
B16 Benthic bacteria/micro-organisms 2011-12-08
B72 Biochemical measurements (eg lipids, amino acids) 2011-12-08
B25 Birds 2011-12-08
P12 Bottom deposits 2011-12-08
G08 Bottom photography 2011-12-08
H10 CTD stations 1992-07-01
H74 Carbon dioxide 2011-12-08
P04 Chlorinated hydrocarbons 2011-12-08
P13 Contaminants in organisms 2011-12-08
G03 Core - rock 2011-12-08
G04 Core - soft bottom 2011-12-08
B21 Crustaceans 2011-12-08
D01 Current meters 1992-07-01
D71 Current profiler (eg ADCP) 1992-07-01
D03 Currents measured from ship drift 1992-07-01
B19 Demersal fish 2011-12-08
B06 Dissolved organic matter (inc DOC) 2011-12-08
G01 Dredge 2011-12-08
B13 Eggs and larvae 2011-12-08
B65 Exploratory fishing 2011-12-08
D04 GEK 1992-07-01
B64 Gear research 2011-12-08
H73 Geochemical tracers (eg freons) 1992-07-01
G72 Geophysical measurements made at depth 2011-12-08
G02 Grab 2011-12-08
G27 Gravity measurements 2011-12-08
M04 Ice observations Descriptions of the extent or physical characteristics of sea ice or the collection of sea ice samples for physical, chemical or biological analysis. 2011-12-08
G71 In-situ seafloor measurement/sampling 2011-12-08
M02 Incident radiation 2011-12-08
D72 Instrumented wave measurements 1992-07-01
H32 Isotopes 2011-12-08
G24 Long/short range side scan sonar 2011-12-08
G28 Magnetic measurements 2011-12-08
B26 Mammals and reptiles 2011-12-08
B20 Molluscs 2011-12-08
G74 Multi-beam echosounding 2011-12-08
G76 Multichannel seismic reflection 2011-12-08
B11 Nekton 2011-12-08
B10 Neuston 2011-12-08
D06 Neutrally buoyant floats 1992-07-01
H24 Nitrate 2011-12-08
H25 Nitrite 2011-12-08
M05 Occasional standard measurements 2011-12-08
H17 Optics (eg underwater light levels) 1992-07-01
B90 Other biological/fisheries measurements 2011-12-08
H90 Other chemical oceanographic measurements 2011-12-08
P90 Other contaminant measurements 2011-12-08
H33 Other dissolved gases 2011-12-08
P05 Other dissolved substances 2011-12-08
G90 Other geological/geophysical measurements 2011-12-08
M90 Other meteorological measurements 2011-12-08
D90 Other physical oceanographic measurements 1992-07-01
H21 Oxygen 2011-12-08
B71 Particulate organic matter (inc POC, PON) 2011-12-08
B07 Pelagic bacteria/micro-organisms 2011-12-08
B14 Pelagic fish 2011-12-08
P03 Petroleum residues 2011-12-08
H22 Phosphate 2011-12-08
B17 Phytobenthos 2011-12-08
B08 Phytoplankton 2011-12-08
B02 Phytoplankton pigs (eg chlorophyll, fluorescence) 2011-12-08
B01 Primary productivity 2011-12-08
H31 Radioactivity 2011-12-08
R03 Robotic vehicle deployments Shipboard activity identifying the deployment of Remotely Operated Vehicles, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or Unmanned Surface Vehicles. 2022-09-26
M06 Routine standard measurements 2011-12-08
D09 Sea level (inc. bot. press., inverted echosounder) 1992-07-01
B73 Sediment traps 2011-12-08
G26 Seismic refraction 2011-12-08
B03 Seston 2011-12-08
H26 Silicate 2011-12-08
G75 Single channel seismic reflection 2011-12-08
G73 Single-beam echosounding 2011-12-08
H11 Subsurface temperature and salinity measurements Measurements of temperature and salinity within a water body other than CTD profiles which are considered as a separate entity in this vocabulary. Examples where this term is appropriate are conductivity+temperature sensors mounted on undulators, AUVs, moving vessel profilers, or moorings. 2009-09-16
H72 Subsurface temperature measurements Measurements of temperature with no associated conductivity measurements within a water body, such as moored instruments with temperature sensors. Originally set up for thermistor chains but broadened as these were replaced by other hardware with the same functionality. 2009-09-16
D05 Surface drifters/drifting buoys 1992-07-01
H71 Surface measurements underway (T,S) 1992-07-01
P01 Suspended matter 2011-12-08
B37 Taggings 2011-12-08
H75 Total - N 2011-12-08
H23 Total - P 2011-12-08
H30 Trace elements 2011-12-08
P02 Trace metals 2011-12-08
H16 Transparency (eg transmissometer) 1992-07-01
R04 Underwater passive acoustics Shipboard activity identifying the recording of passive underwater sounds or noises using any kind of sound recording equipment. 2022-09-26
M01 Upper air observations 2011-12-08
H09 Water bottle stations 1992-07-01
R01 Water column photography Shipboard activity identifying the capture of still and moving images of water column photography using any kind of photographic equipment. 2022-09-26
B18 Zoobenthos 2011-12-08
B09 Zooplankton 2011-12-08
H28 pH 2011-12-08