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United Kingdom Charting Progress 2 sea regions

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DescriptionTerms used specify regions of the seas around the UK based on bio-geographical features rather than administrative boundaries
CreatorMEDIN Standards Group
Version Info1
Identifier C64
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner MEDIN Standards Group
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
8 Atlantic North-West Approaches and Rockall Trough Atlantic North-West Approaches out to approximately 25 degrees west including Rockall Trough. 2011-06-06
3 Eastern Channel The part of the English Channel which is east of a line between Dartmouth and Cherbourg. 2011-06-06
5 Irish Sea The Irish Sea between the Mull of Kintyre to the north and St. Georges Channel to the south. 2011-06-06
6 Minches and Western Scotland The waters on the Scottish Continental Shelf to the east of the Western Isles including the Minches. 2011-06-06
1 Northern North Sea The northern part of the North Sea to approximately 5 degrees east and 61 degrees north. 2011-06-06
7 Scottish Continental Shelf The Scottish Continental Shelf excluding the Minches and coastal waters to the west of Scotland. 2011-06-06
9 Shared waters between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland Carlingford Lough and Lough Foyle shared waters between N Ireland and Rep of Ireland. 2011-06-06
2 Southern North Sea The southern part of the North Sea to approximately 5 degrees east and 55 degrees north. 2011-06-06
4 Western Channel and Celtic Sea The part of the English Channel which is west of a line between Dartmouth and Cherbourg and the UK waters of the Celtic Sea to approximately 10 degrees west. 2011-06-06