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NERC DataGrid data production tool category

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DescriptionAbbreviated terms used to specify categories of data production tools in the NERC DataGrid MOLES metadata schema.
CreatorNatural Environment Research Council
Version Info0
Identifier C33
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner Natural Environment Research Council
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
NG11 dgASOZ 2006-02-17
NG10 dgDOAS 2006-02-17
NG13 dgFAGE 2006-02-17
NG15 dgFilter 2006-02-17
NG06 dgGasChromatograph 2006-02-17
NG14 dgImager 2006-02-17
NG02 dgLidar 2006-02-17
NG08 dgMassSpectrometer 2006-02-17
NG09 dgMetSensor 2006-02-17
NG05 dgNavigation 2006-02-17
NG01 dgObserver 2006-02-17
NG99 dgOtherInstrumentType 2006-02-17
NG16 dgParticleCounter 2006-02-17
NG03 dgRadar 2006-02-17
NG12 dgRadiometer 2006-02-17
NG17 dgSampler 2006-02-17
NG04 dgSonde 2006-02-17
NG07 dgSpectrometer 2006-02-17