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World Meteorological Organisation voluntary observing ship category

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DescriptionWMO ship type codes used to classify voluntary observing ships. Source: [WMO No.47 - International List of Selected, Supplementary and Auxiliary Ships](
CreatorWorld Meteorological Organisation
Version Info0
Identifier C31
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner World Meteorological Organisation
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
BS Banana ship 2005-12-31
B Barge 2005-12-31
BC Bulk Carrier 2005-12-31
CC Closed container 2005-12-31
CG Coast guard ship 2005-12-31
CS Container Ship 2005-12-31
DR Dredger 2005-12-31
F Ferry 2005-12-31
GT Gas tanker 2005-12-31
GC General Cargo 2005-12-31
IF Inshore fishing vessel 2005-12-31
LV Light vessel 2005-12-31
LT Liquid tanker 2005-12-31
MS Military ship 2005-12-31
OW Ocean weather ship 2005-12-31
OT Other 2005-12-31
FV Other fishing vessel 2005-12-31
PL Passenger liner 2005-12-31
PV Passenger vessel 2005-12-31
RV Research vessel 2005-12-31
RR Ro/Ro container 2005-12-31
RF Ro/Ro ferry 2005-12-31
SV Support vessel 2005-12-31
T Trawler 2005-12-31
TU Tug 2005-12-31
Y Yacht/pleasure craft 2005-12-31