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DescriptionSea area terms from the IHB(1953) list plus additional terms added under SeaDataNet governance.
Version Info9
Identifier C16
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner SeaDataNet
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
28Bg Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
28Bh Aegean Sea (The Archipelago) (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
28Ab Alboran Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
44 Andaman or Burma Sea 1954-01-01
39 Arabian Sea 1954-01-01
48h Arafura Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
ARA Aral Sea Large inland water body comprising three lakes (North Aral Sea, eastern and western basins of the South Aral Sea) having coastlines in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. 2008-12-08
17 Arctic Ocean 1954-01-01
17a Arctic Ocean - Lincoln Sea 1954-01-01
200 Atlantic Ocean Aggregation of North and South Atlantic Ocean areas 2009-01-08
28Ac Balearic (Iberian) Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
48l Bali Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
01 Baltic Sea 1954-01-01
48g Banda Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
07 Barents Sea 1954-01-01
62a Bass Strait (Great Australian Bight) 1954-01-01
43 Bay of Bengal 1954-01-01
22 Bay of Biscay 1954-01-01
25 Bay of Fundy 1954-01-01
13 Beaufort Sea 1954-01-01
55 Bering Sea 1954-01-01
66 Bismarck Sea 1954-01-01
30 Black Sea 1954-01-01
20 Bristol Channel 1954-01-01
27 Caribbean Sea 1954-01-01
CAS Caspian Sea Large brackish inland water body having coastlines in Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, and Turkmenistan. 2008-12-08
48b Celebes Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
21a Celtic Sea Formally accepted and defined by IHO as an S23(1953) extension. 2009-08-07
48f Ceram Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
12 Chukchi Sea 1954-01-01
59 Coastal Waters of SE Alaska and British Columbia 1954-01-01
64 Coral Sea 1954-01-01
15 Davis Strait 1954-01-01
48 East Indian Archipelago (Indonesia) 1954-01-01
11 East Siberian Sea 1954-01-01
50 Eastern China Sea (Tung Hai) 1954-01-01
ESC Eastern Scheldt The more northerly branch of the Scheldt Estuary. Northern boundary is a man-made dam 2010-05-24
21 English Channel 1954-01-01
48j Flores Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
FRM Fram Strait Body of water between Greenland and Svalbard 2012-11-06
62 Great Australian Bight 1954-01-01
05 Greenland Sea 1954-01-01
38 Gulf of Aden 1954-01-01
58 Gulf of Alaska 1954-01-01
36 Gulf of Aqaba 1954-01-01
48k Gulf of Boni (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
01a Gulf of Bothnia (Baltic Sea) 1954-01-01
60 Gulf of California 1954-01-01
01b Gulf of Finland (Baltic Sea) 1954-01-01
34 Gulf of Guinea 1954-01-01
41 Gulf of Iran (Persian Gulf) 1954-01-01
26 Gulf of Mexico 1954-01-01
40 Gulf of Oman 1954-01-01
01c Gulf of Riga (Baltic Sea) 1954-01-01
24 Gulf of St. Lawrence 1954-01-01
35 Gulf of Suez 1954-01-01
47 Gulf of Thailand (Siam) 1954-01-01
48d Gulf of Tomini (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
48e Halmahera Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
16 Hudson Bay 1954-01-01
16a Hudson Strait 1954-01-01
IJM IJsselmeer Dutch freshwater lake with artificial dam boundaries between it and the Wadden Sea to the North and Markermeer to the South. 2010-10-04
ICS Iceland Sea Part of the Arctic Ocean to the North of Iceland between Greenland and the Norwegian Sea 2010-03-12
45 Indian Ocean 1954-01-01
18 Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland 1954-01-01
28Bf Ionian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
19 Irish Sea and St. George's Channel 1954-01-01
IRM Irminger Sea The sea area confined between Greenland and Iceland south of the Denmark Strait (the ridge) and bounded to the south by a line from Cape Farewell to the southern tip of the 2000m isobath on the Reykjanes Ridge and a line following the top of the ridge to Iceland. 2010-03-12
52 Japan Sea 1954-01-01
48n Java Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
09 Kara Sea 1954-01-01
02 Kattegat, Sound and Belts 1954-01-01
15a Labrador Sea (Davis Strait) 1954-01-01
42 Laccadive Sea 1954-01-01
10 Laptev Sea (or Nordenskjold Sea) 1954-01-01
28Ad Ligurian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
48m Makassar Strait (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
46a Malacca Strait 1954-01-01
46 Malacca and Singapore Straits 1954-01-01
MKM Markermeer Dutch freshwater lake with an artificial dam boundaries between it and IJsselmeer. 2010-10-04
28 Mediterranean Sea 1954-01-01
28B Mediterranean Sea - Eastern basin 1954-01-01
28A Mediterranean Sea - Western basin 1954-01-01
48c Molukka Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
45a Mozambique Channel (Indian Ocean) 1954-01-01
23 North Atlantic Ocean 1954-01-01
23a North East Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
57a North East Pacific Ocean (limit 180W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
57 North Pacific Ocean 1954-01-01
04 North Sea 1954-01-01
23b North West Atlantic Ocean (limit 40W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
57b North West Pacific Ocean (limit 180W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
06 Norwegian Sea 1954-01-01
500 Pacific Ocean Aggregation of North and South Pacific Ocean areas 2009-01-08
56 Philippine Sea 1954-01-01
37 Red Sea 1954-01-01
33 Rio de La Plata 1954-01-01
48o Savu Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
31 Sea of Azov 1954-01-01
29 Sea of Marmara 1954-01-01
54 Sea of Okhotsk 1954-01-01
53 Seto Naikai or Inland Sea 1954-01-01
46b Singapore Strait 1954-01-01
03 Skagerrak 1954-01-01
65 Solomon Sea 1954-01-01
32 South Atlantic Ocean 1954-01-01
49 South China Sea (Nan Hai) 1954-01-01
32a South East Atlantic Ocean (limit 20W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
61a South East Pacific Ocean (limit 140W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
61 South Pacific Ocean 1954-01-01
32b South West Atlantic Ocean (limit 20W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
61b South West Pacific Ocean (limit 140W) Not a valid IHB Code - created for ROSCOP compatibility 1982-01-01
SOC Southern Ocean Waters south of 60S 2008-07-01
28Aa Strait of Gibraltar (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
28C Strait of Sicily The region of the Mediterranean Sea between Sicily and Tunisia 2009-01-08
48a Sulu Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
63 Tasman Sea 1954-01-01
14 The Northwestern Passages 1954-01-01
14a The Northwestern Passages - Baffin Bay 1954-01-01
48i Timor Sea (East Indian Archipelago) 1954-01-01
28Ae Tyrrhenian Sea (Mediterranean Sea) 1954-01-01
ZZ Unknown The correct value is not known to and not computable by the creator of this information. However a correct value probably exists. 2008-06-23
WAS Wadden Sea Part of the North Sea between the Dutch, German and Danish coasts and the Frisian islands. 2010-03-12
WSC Western Scheldt The more southerly branch of the Scheldt Estuary. 2010-05-24
08 White Sea 1954-01-01
GLO Worldwide Global coverage from 90S to 90N and 180E to 180W 2008-07-01
51 Yellow Sea (Hwang Hai) 1954-01-01