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NMF-SS Research Vessel underway variable NetCDF vocabulary

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DescriptionNames of variables recorded into NetCDF files by the underway monitoring system on National Marine Facilities Sea Systems (NMF-SS) research vessels such as the RRS James Cook and RRS Discovery. Variables are from meteorological, hydrographic and navigational instruments.
CreatorBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Version Info3
Identifier B39
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner British Oceanographic Data Centre
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
pressure air pressure 2016-01-13
airtemp air temperature 2016-01-13
gndcourse course over the ground 2016-01-13
truewindspeed earth relative wind speed 2016-01-13
truewinddir earthrelativewinddirection 2016-01-13
fluorescence fluorescence 2016-01-13
latitude latitude 2016-01-13
longitude longitude 2016-01-13
ppar port photosynthetically active radiation 2016-01-13
ptir port total irradiance 2016-01-13
humidity relative humidity 2016-01-13
conduct sea surface conductivity 2016-01-13
salin sea surface salinity 2016-01-13
seatemp sea surface temperature 2016-01-13
relwinddir ship relative wind direction 2016-01-13
relwindspeed ship relative wind speed 2016-01-13
heading ships heading 2016-01-13
gndspeed speed over the ground 2016-01-13
logfa speed through water 2016-01-13
spar starboard photosynthetically active radiation 2016-01-13
stir starboard total irradiance 2016-01-13
time time as days since 1899-12-30T00:00:00Z 2016-03-16