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Celtic Seas Partnership scale

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DescriptionTerms used by the Celtic Seas Partnership to broadly describe the spatial area of influence of a project, programme or initiative.
CreatorBritish Oceanographic Data Centre
Version Info1
Identifier B21
Register Manager British Oceanographic Data Centre
Register Owner British Oceanographic Data Centre
Identifier PrefLabel Definition Date
B21001 European European level 2016-09-29
B21002 Global Worldwide 2016-09-29
B21006 Local Sub regional level within a country 2016-09-29
B21007 Local(Transboundary) Sub regional level across countries 2016-09-29
B21003 National Country level 2016-09-29
B21004 Regional Sub national level within a country 2016-09-29
B21005 Regional(Transboundary) Sub national level across countries 2016-09-29